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PARENT SUPPORTwith Teen Counseling & Mentoring

Sessions with teens can look any number of ways depending on your child's needs. I provide Counseling & Mentoring sessions that can take place in the counseling office, at the client's home, or out in the community. In addition, I also offer Parent Support to help parents develop skills to effectively communicate, encourage, and support their child.

Counseling & Mentoring

Counseling & Mentoring can look a number of ways:

  • One-on-one sessions in the counseling office

  • Physical activity such as going for walks, jogs, hikes, playing catch, or any other activity the client enjoys

  • Outings in the community (cafe, library, parks, events)

  • Sessions at the client's home to work on organization skills and cultivate healthy habits & routines

Parent Support 

Oftentimes, parents may need support while moving through the challenging and transitional period of their child's adolescence or young adulthood. I work with parents by helping them acknowledge and identify their own parenting patterns and assist them in improving their ability to communicate, encourage, and support their children.

Although sessions in a counseling office has its many benefits, I strongly believe that most teens and young adults need additional spaces that extend beyond the confines of an office for deeper connections to take root. By offering various forms of Counseling & Mentoring Sessions supplemented by Parent Support, my clients have the flexibility to create sessions that incorporate different aspects of their real life which often result in powerful and lasting changes to their lives.

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